Friday, March 27, 2009

Business Card Collecting

It's always better to start off with a good idea:

A few copy-based designs that make these cards really memorable:

Maybe you should secretly test your team-mate's ability to discern fine differences in color =:-)

Ahh business cards - so oddly low-tech in today's world, and yet so useful. These were collected off of and also Hopefully this will inspire you for you next tiny little manageable design project.

Links: cards

I find the book
Business Cards: The Art of Saying Hello
to be very inspiring - and not just for thinking about business cards. There are a lot of interesting ideas in there, and I can't recommend buying it enough. They have a second book out now as well - Business Cards 2: More Ways of Saying Hello. Below is a link where you can see the entire first book - but it's much better in person, of course.

{click here to see The Art of Saying Hello}

If you want the books, they are both carried by Hennessey + Ingalls. Better to buy them there and support independent book stores.

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