Saturday, October 19, 2013

I've moved!

I am happy to announce that I've moved on over to:

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Kerstin zu Pan:: Sights from the Milky Way

Kerstin zu Pan's photography style is fearless in it's impersonal observation of the bizarre. Having started off as a painter, she is unafraid to create her own worlds within her imagery - most of these images featured here are from her unearthly "Milky Way" series that combines the real with just enough of the surreal to keep you off balance.


Cutler + Bremner

Photographer/director Craig Cutler and advertising creative director Scott Bremner have been friends and creative collaborators for years. This week, they’re debuting their newest and perhaps most ambitious project yet, Cutler + Bremner, at

For Cutler + Bremner’s first project, Craig and Scott created six unique ways to capture water in motion. The short films were shot with the new Phantom Flex4K and produced in conjunction with Steve Romano, who was the DP; assistant director Steve Meierding; editor Bernice Gonzalez; and Sami Jano, who did the sound.We’re looking forward to following the progress of Cutler + Bremner, which provides a vital creative outlet for Scott and Craig. “This is a chance for us to explore ideas that are not client-driven,” says Scott.

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