Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I find Ernst Haeckel oddly MOVING

Ernst Haeckel was an eminent biologist, naturalist, philosopher and - most wonderfully for me - artist who lived 1834 - 1913. He coined words like “phylum” and “ecology”. He had a doctorate in medicine, and later became a professor of anatomy.

Although Ernst Haeckel may have lived a century ago, there is something oddly modern to me about some of his linework and shapes. Sometimes when I am looking at one of his hand colored lithographs or an ameba or shell, I feel somehow moved the the beauty of his work.

If Victorian mad-scientist aestetic is your thing, I can point you here {link} so you can download some pretty large files off Wikipedia. Will a microrgnism that looks like something straight out of Star Wars be your next desktop? You may surprise youself.

Want to learn more about the man? Click here. {link}

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