Friday, April 3, 2009

Nina Invorm - on the verge of becoming famous

Nina Invorm is a 26-year-old Dutch ceramics artist whose prolific blog and Etsy shop have developed a enthusiastic following in the crafts community. Watching her work, it's clear that she is one large-scale deal away from the goal of every artist: lighting the world on fire. You might want to pick up a tea pot now - before she's the next artist featured at Target - or she opens her own flagship store in Beverly Hills with prices no longer in your range.

This is her studio - think it's very cute.
This is one of the walls in the same room - just to give you ideas for things you could do with her ceramics.

I really, really would like to own this little pot. One of Nina's latest creations.

Check out her blog - very inspiring:

Etsy shop:

More photos on Flickr:

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